Perhaps the drugs didn’t kill him but for sure they didn’t help. Drugs are supposed to be used in certain ways to help people live longer and overcome pain. Drug abuse is different and from the initial reports medical experts tell us that in this situation a drug overdose is the usual diagnosis. More will be learned from the autopsy. Whether or not the results will be suppressed is an unanswered question.

On the way back to his home in Minneapolis on April 7th, his private plane made an unplanned landing at Quad Cities where Prince was hospitalized and treated for severe dehydration, a consequence the medical experts say is from drug abuse. All of that is now history and if the drug abuse is true his death should be a teaching moment to addicts everywhere of the dangerous consequence of their drug addiction.

Nobody gets out alive but most people die from natural causes. Prince’s death wasn’t natural.

His music has been well received and his talents favorably compared to some of the most popular musicians but he shouldn’t be revered if he was doing drugs. He should be condemned otherwise he will be a horrible example of how not to live.

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