Two friends were shown next to Cruz on the Nightly News at the so-called Constitution Center in Philly. They sent a photo of themselves and Ted Cruz and said they were with the next President. I wrote: you were not with the next President, you were with a man whose principles are made of rubber, i.e., flexible.
How do I know that?
Rules always have a set of Values behind them and whether to follow certain rules or not is based a person’s own Specific Moral Code; the moral code they follow. That’s based on their Personal Value system which in turn is based on the Virtues they follow, i.e., their Moral Code.
Here in his own words is what Cruz told Hannity about following the rules.

“Sean, it’s not a question of within the rules or not. It’s winning elections. These delegates are elected by the people, and when grassroots conservatives come out, we win. … And every time there’s an election that the conservative grassroots decide, we win.” Cruz further predicted that this dynamic would play out in Cleveland, and that he would get the majority of delegates.”

Cruz didn’t define “conservative grassroots” but it’s the secret code words for some of his few remaining followers.

His words mean damn the rules, it’s about winning. That’s the code of a moral tyrant.

The man is far to rigid on some important issues to be President and he’s too soft and wrong on some other ones.

“Tricky Teddy”.

OTOH, maybe in the hearts and minds of a majority of people it is about breaking the rules about breaking the “one man one vote” or “every vote counts”.
His comments to Hannity were some of the worst things I’ve heard from Cruz. read the interview HERE.

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