After he’s elected and the people who elected him find out that the politicians are still in charge, what will happen?

The President is only in charge of one part of the three parts of government in Washington. What about in Maryland and Virginia, the two states where the Washington politicians live and raise their families? The President has nothing to do or say about the laws of Maryland or Virginia so nor can he can change the politicians who are in charge in Maryland or Virginia. Same for the other 48 states. Trump won’t change them because he has no power in the states. Trump can change all the laws he wants but he can’t change the game.  So why are the Republican leaders so upset with Trump?

After each election the losing parties still keep up the game with the winners and get favors done for the doners.
Suppose the Democrats lose the Presidency. What happens when big important Democratic doners want a favor? It’s simple and it’s been going on as long as the sun rises. They go to the leaders and operators of the winning party and get help from them because when the losers win the new losers will have to do the same thing. Nothing changes the game. Trump won;’t change the game. The game is too big, too powerful, too corrupt and invisible. Most voters never see the game in action.

But Trump offers something important. He will lower the ability of some politicians to collect for their campaign contributions. the Republican leaders will lose some of their power and the Democrats will lose even more of their power. Only a small amount of power will be lost simply because of the game.

Trump can change the losing game Obama has played with Obama’s Muslim friends. Obama has a very very distorted set of ideas about America. He has a very distorted set of ideas about Muslims and Terrorism. He has an extremely distorted set of ideas about winning. So far as the Terrorists, Obama is out of his mind. He cannot grasp the essential fact about the Islamic Terrorists. They are evil and they want to kill Americans and Israelis. Obama thought he could reason with them. One doesn’t dialog with the devil. Obama is afraid of winning against the Islamic Terrorists. Trump isn’t. Obama isn’t used to winning. He won the Presidency but has zero success against Islamic Terrorism. the Islamic Terrorists have had many victories, 9/11 being a spectacular one for which Obama hasn’t done much. Yes, he gave the order to eliminate bin Ladin. ,……….developing  


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