Smart Growth is designed to lower property values and lessen the protection of private property. Obama supports it and wrote Executive Order #13575 to implement it. This is not Red, White and Blue, it’s United Nations Green.

How does Smart Growth lower property values? Ask the citizens of Upper Makefield Township, PA. The Supervisors passed an Ordinance giving a private NGO corporation the power to do zoning along Route 32, River Road. The zoning had a feature that was almost bizzare. It gave the private corporation the power to zone anything in the “view-scape”. Viewscape is jargon from a little known but very active Green Group at the United Nations that wants control of zoning in Upper Makefield and the Supervisors gave it to them. No, they didn’t write that into the Ordinance but that was the effect of the words in the ordinaace. Control of individual properties was turned over to a private corporation.

The “Viewscape” is any property in the line of sight of the affected properties.  

One Supervisor, Mr. Larry Breedon and his wife got together with a number of like-minded private citizens. They made up a flyer and went door to door along River Road. Obama could defy Congress by ignoring it and issuing a Executive Order #13575 but he couldn’t stop a few brave souls in Upper Makefield. Good Sense prevailed and a lot of property owners showed up at the Supervisor meeting. The Board decided to RESCIND the offensive ordinance. Upper Makefield did what congress could not or would not do.

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