Everyone wants clean air and water. The systems of the earth, those natural processes that are part of the workings of the Universe, do that. Air can become filled with smoke from forest fires, with particles from volcanoes and with debris as it changes from living organism’s to decaying matter. The natural processes convert things into the air, water and earth itself that we use to sustain ourselves. There are man-made processes that change natural elements which are in sequence changed to other elements. Those are processes similar to processes found in nature. Not just on earth but in our solar system, in our galaxy, in space and on and on as they are part of the natural processes, the natural laws of the universe.

A musical note can be continued on a piano by pushing the sustain pedal. The process moves the dampers away from the strings. the sustained note is louder and goes on in time. Eventually it stops. It can no longer be sustained.  The concept of sustain seems to have the attribute of perpetual in it but that’s impossibe. Nothing is forever so the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed has a limit. Some people changed the definition of sustain to make it unlimited. that’s called a stolen concept. The concept has been changed into something else but the word remains. No one has calculated the Sustainability of the natural world so no one can use the idea of Sustainability to improve or to limit processes. But “wait”, say some; “we need to worry about the damage we do to the environment.” Really? How is that damage determined to be damage? Perhaps it’s a benefit, like chopping down a tree before it falls on a home. Perhaps we need to calculate the benefits people confer on the natural world before coming to the false conclusion that human life damages the environment. Suppose the advocates of the environment who tell us we need to limit, for example, our use of water, are wrong. Fish use water far more than people and fish are no danger to the water.

The idea of Sustainability has been transformed into a shield that people who want to manage and control other people use to stop the activities of other people. When someone tells you that using water is bad for the environment, ask them “how bad?” Ask for a number to prove they are telling the truth. There is no number because Sustainability is based in emotion, not science. There is far more water in the ecosystem than humans need to live. The system sustains human life. that’s good, not bad.   

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