Guenther: Uncool Conservatives Need To Re-engage Pop Culture,  by Robert J. Guenther November 12, 2012 12:32 pm. Guenther wrote in the GOP house organ about Republicans standing against Abortion six days after the Republicans were seriously defeated partly because of their stand against abortion. He didn’t get it. He doesn’t get it yet. Perhaps he will get it in the future but for now, his analysis goes horribly off the track. If the Republicans don’t change the elephant in the room they will continue to get defeated by the likes of one of the worst Senators in America, the Donkey Democratic Pa Senator Bob Casey.  

Guenther is smart. His analysis is right on until he tries to put in the irrevelent argument about abortion. He’s a birth begins at conception guy. Too bad for the Party. Too bad for the people and too bad for America because we have to suffer thru another four years of the Disaster called Obama. 

He wrote: “Conservatives don’t need to change any of their core values to do so. (Yes they do. Of course they do. Their wrong Core Idea is why Obama and Casey and Warren won an election.) “They just need to present their ideas to the general public more Ghostbusters-style.” No they do not. They need to change their wrong idea about abortion and government. When they leave their churches they need to take a deep breath and join the battle aginst Big Government, high spending and high taxes. Republicans can lead the charge towards moral government. tTey just need to understand that abortion is not part of the arguments about morality, laws, taxes and government spending. Then they will win. 

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