As long as humans can be free, they can use reason to decide what’s in their best interest. Like deciding where and how to drive a car. Everyone is acting in their self-interest. Everyone else is therefore protected. It works because people want to avoid time wasting accidents so we can feel safe because everyone is acting in their best self interest by following millions of rules and laws including many rules they impose on themselves without even thinking. They do that by practicing until the rules go into their sub-conscious and their self-conscious acts in the background to follow the rules. What rules? The rules they followed so often and so well that the sub-conscious directs their actions in the background. That’s one of the ways that the brain frees itself for higher effort. You gotta love this stuff and the people who act that way.

Smart growth on the other hand is about some people forcing others to follow rules that are different than the rules freely accepted by each individual. Smart Growth is a false shield for intellectual bullies who cannot get their rules made into laws or accepted as valid so they go around the rules and tell people it’s smart to limit your carbon footprint by riding a bike to work instead of driving a car. That’s dumb. Even Al Gore knows that. 

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