For over seven years this boob of a man who is totally, maliciously and stupidly offending America and the free world by refusing to acknowledge the evil incarnate that informs the Terrorists, viz., Islam.

Obama is not at all stupid. He’s over-educated and he is a deep thinker capable of expanded analysis of complex problems but he’s one of the most dangerous men on the planet to Americans who have been attacked and massacred at an expanded rate since he’s been President. He is a man of inaction. He will swallow a load of manure before he goes after evil.
He is a relentless supporter of America’s biggest enemy, aka. Islam without realizing the vast network of Terrorists and their supporters, who are like the invisible seven-eights of the iceberg which sunk the Titanic. For every foot of an iceberg you can see, seven feet are out of sight.

It’s nonsense to claim Islam is a religion of peace. No religion can support that idea because religion isn’t about values that help people live normal lives. All religions are faith based which is against life on earth because earth life is not based on faith. Human life is based on reality and reason. All religions are based on some kind of denial of that and a reliance on life after death. Islam is identical to Catholicism in that it’s based on successfully getting into a better life after death. All religions are in fact based on death. How can a set of ideas based on death be concerned with life when their ideas are aimed not at life but at death? When Obama says Islam is a religion of peace he is at least confused because Islam isn’t based on peace. It’s based on an after life. A life that doesn’t begin until death. Islam just like Catholicism doesn’t value human life. In fact they are enemies of human life which means they are not at all based on peace.

Obama wants desperately to avoid a situation in which ordinary Muslims come to believe that the West despises their religion. Why? Muslims despise the religions of the West and they don’t care that we are offended by their hatred of the values we support while living our life. Why shouldn’t we tell them that? They constantly recruit young people by telling them how wrong Christianity and Judaism are so they can understand why their enemies are doing to them what they are doing to their enemies. Obama however hasn’t come to accept that so he’s afraid of offending the Terrorists and their cast support networks, most of whom are out of sight. Terrorists could not exist if they had to do everything for themselves like shopping for food, preparing it and eating it. the terrorists depend on farmers, shop-keepers, restaurants full of people shopping for, preparing and serving food, just to take one small example. What about the cloths the terrorists wear? What about the cars they drive or the aircraft that transport them to and from their battlefields? How many people does it take to support one terrorist? No one really knows but that doesn’t change the fact that each terrorist requires millions of people to support him. Millions. Let that sink in for a moment.

A terrorist needs bombs but he also needs thousands of other things just to stay alive. Each of those things are so complicated that no single terrorist could get them all. Think of a car the terrorist drives. How many people had to work to supply all of the parts that make up a car? Someone had to make a hammer so someone else could crack the rocks that are needed to make the iron that’s needed for each nut and bolt in a car. Even the hammer is not so simple to get. Someone had to cut down a tree to get the wood to make the handle but the hammer doesn’t start out as a tree. Someone had to make a saw to cut the tree needed to make the hammer that broke apart the rock to get the iron ore to make the iron for each nut and bolt in a car. How many people did it take to make the saw?

The same question can be asked for each terrorist. How many people were needed to make one terrorist? Those are the complicit people of the entire community who support each and all terrorists. If a simple thing like a hammer takes a million people to make everything needed to make a hammer, how many more millions are needed to make a terrorist? How many people who support a terrorist are innocent when the terrorist blows himself up in Paris or on 9/11? How are they innocent when the terrorist cannot act alone and they support the terrorists life just by being pat of the culture that supports the terrorist. Don’t despair of finding innocent Muslims. Just don’t expect success. They are collectively guilty of supporting terror and terrorists. If they are innocent, why are there terrorists?

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