It’s raining in Northampton. There are loads of problems and ubiquitous solutions all around the globe but take a moment to reflect where you are, what you are doing and why it’s possible to live in the most exceptional culture in history.

To Vladimir Putin. You cannot grasp freedom because you are a dictator. Regardless of the number of correct decisions you make, you are a dictator, flawed in your soul. We know the type of metal derangement it takes to constantly try to bully people into submission. Right here in Northampton Township we have a few of your types but they do not have your power. We would be in trouble if they did but we have Individual Liberty. We are therefore against all associations that would diminish or deprive us of our unique freedoms.

Freedom doesn’t solve our problems. That’s up to each of us, another marker of America’s exceptional nature. Freedom is an attribute of an individual. Liberty is the state of being free. It manifests itself as a virtue, Independence. We do not need a village. We do not need the help of others. We are each Americans. Exceptions to the arc of history. Those of us who grasp that crucial fact have exceptional lives. Those who don’t get it are ordinary. Ordinary is not what America is about. 

Americans do not like to be pushed around. Other cultures expect to be pushed around by their neighbors, by their village, by institutions and especially by dictators, Presidents for life and corrupt regimes. Not us. We push back. We rebel. We fight against rulers. We fight against anonymous bullies who are also the exception to the idea of America, the only free, just and civilized culture in history. Today and everyday we celebrate America’s Exceptionalism.  

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