Who knew that so many Americans get the corruption of their government and want it stopped? Trump looked around and saw how many bad deals were made so he jumped into the race for President and look what happened. Carly Fiorina wisely and correctly said he tapped into an anger in America. Trump wasn’t angry but loads of America voters were fed up with Washington, their state governments right down to the school districts and the local municipalities and we’ve decided Trump might be able to change things to his and our advantage. Trump thinks he’s leading a movement. He’s leading a revolution against the entire corrupt American government system.

The kick-backs to the politicians are so obvious and so blatant that they don’t bother to try to cover them up. Ineptness at all levels of government are led by the politicians. Until this year most people thought that when they voted in a “Primary” their vote counted. they found out the politicians don’t much care about your vote because they have twisted the voting so their favorite corrupt character is on the ballot. Your vote for Trump in a the Primary is an indicator for Trump but it’s not an actual vote. That got the people even angrier than in previous years when they were purposely lied to by the Political Parties and tricked into believing they were part of the Primary process. They’re realizing they’ve been deceived about that and much more.

Contracts are awarded to donors and contributors to the politicians. Trump doesn’t need their donations. Suddenly their control of the politicians don’t work any more. Trump is far different than a donor-controlled candidate like all of the rest of them.

Trump has to beat Cruz to get to the White House which will happen but he thinks he’s leading a movement. He’s underestimated what he started. It’s a revolution, not a movement. It’s trans-political, bigger that even Donald Trump. We need him to front out revolution and get rid of the corrupt politicians. Unfortunately, Trump has 50 Republicans Political Committee’s to fight against. He knows he cannot change for example Harrisburg, Bucks County PA and all of the corrupt townships within Bucks County including the unionized and corrupt teachers and the corrupt municipal workers in the courthouses all over America who work with bribes aka, “donations”. Trump doesn’t need their donations. they know it and they know they’re system of bribes, kickbacks and frauds will be changing all the worse for them but not for us.

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