John Derbyshire came up with the idea of “Narrative Collapse” to explain the difference between the first story we hear from the mainstream media when some people are caught and the final story that comes out later that shows the first story was completely different and false but without correcting the first story.

Derbyshire’s idea is explained:
•Innocent black person going about his/her private business is accosted/harassed/beaten/killed by evil racist white cop/vigilante.
•Media report the incident thus, based solely on testimony of victim/friends/black witnesses, stirring up widespread resentment about white racism.
•Actual facts emerge, placing the victim in a much more dubious light and showing that the white offender was responding legitimately to bad/violent/crazy behavior.
•Media reports the revised story without apology.

This pattern is now such a baked-in feature of modern American life, we need a term for it. I suggest “narrative collapse.”

As an example he recently reported on a case of what he called “Narrative Collapse”–Django Unchained actress Danielle Watts, who is black, reported that she was handcuffed by racist police who suspected her of being a prostitute because she was kissing her husband in a car. She refused to cooperate with police and identify herself because Racism! [Django Unchained actress mistaken for a hooker by cops, by David K. Li; New York Post, Sept. 14, 2014]

Narrative Collapse: Watts turns out to have been having public sex with her husband in a car. [Django actress in ‘racist’ stop was having sex in car: cops, by David K. Li; New York Post, Sept. 15, 2014.]

Derbyshire pointed out that many outrages against “justice” some of which have provoked riots, have this “Narrative Collapse” form, once all the facts are known.

James Fulford reported the additional examples of Travon Martin, Rodney King, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and Michael Brown all of whom claimed falsely that “Racism Against Black People” caused their arrests or deaths but all three original narratives were false. Add the Duke Lacrosse Rape Charges, Twanna Brawley’s rape hoax by Rev. Al Sharpton who was also behind the false 1991 Crown Heights riots as reported by The Daily Beast, following the death of a young African-American who was hit by an ambulance driven by a Hasidic driver. Sharpton called Jews “diamond merchants” with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands. A mob subsequently attacked and murdered an innocent Hasidic Jewish student visiting from Australia. (Twenty-five years later, he wrote a mealy-mouthed not-quite apology for his rhetoric.)

A few years later, an African-American Pentecostal church asked a Jewish tenant of a church-owned property, Freddie Fashion’s Mart, to evict one of his subtenants, an African-American-run record store. Sharpton led protests crying, “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.” One of the protesters attacked Freddie Fashion Mart, shot several customers, and started a fire that killed seven employees.

Narrative Collapse is a polite term for lies that get exposed. The foregoing are examples of black narratives that falsely charge white people for something that is opposite the truth. It’s the untold truth about the lies. Those kinds of incidents only increase the tension between the races. It shouldn’t be hidden because although people of different races can live together the False Narrative’s keeps that from happening.

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