The Left Media doesn’t understand where the Trump supporters came from. Look around. They come from everywhere. Trump knows how the Liberals have been getting away with changing America into an oppressive politically correct nightmare where people cannot openly talk about what they see in front of them because they will be accused of Racism, Sexism or worse than that of being Capitalist. No one denies a certain amount of anger at the re-distribution of their money to undeserving people. High taxes and higher medical insurance payments are part of the problem. So are illegal immigrants and Muslim Terrorists but Obama has made things so much worse that finally people began to think they can try to stop some of it. Where did that change of spirit come from?


One guy showed up and is showing how it can change. Without Trump things will continue to get worse. Obama promised to change things and he did but he changed them for the worse. Virtually nothing has gotten better as he and his wife moved into the White House where they decked their daughters in $20,000 gowns. The People have had enough of the freeloading politicians from Obama on down. Michelle hired a personal entourage of 23 people to serve and service her at no charge to her. Glenn Beck believes 43 people work in the federal government for Michelle Obama including her mother who is also on the White House payroll.

The Obama’s have traveled more than any other President and First Lady including long, expensive vacations in very far away South Africa and of course Hawaii, Their travel cost to the taxpayer is reported to be in the neighborhood of $73 million which doens’t include some of the very expensive and exotic hotels and special suites in places like Spain where she stayed at the five-star Hotel Villa Padierna near Marbella, where at least 30 rooms were reserved for the entourage, including those for security. The hotel is one of Spain’s more luxurious establishments, with rooms ranging from $500-a-night to a $6,600 suite with 24-hour butler service. The Obama’s take two vacations a year, typically at Martha’s Vineyard and hawaii in addition to the eye-poppingly expensive exotic places in between vacations with trips to foreign places like Kenya where she went in addition to flight expense records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that Michelle Obama’s June 2015 trip to the United Kingdom and Italy, accompanied by her daughters and mother, cost the taxpayers $240,495.67 in flight expenses alone.

9 – 26 in China, in a trip highlighted by extended visits to some of the country’s most popular tourist sites.

Apparently, the Obama family continues to bill the taxpayers for costly tourism jaunts thinly disguised as humanitarian crusades. If Michelle Obama wants to take tea with Prince Harry or enthuse over Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, she is certainly entitled to do so, but not at taxpayer expense.

Since the beginning of Barack Obama’s administration, the Obamas have become increasingly notorious for unnecessary, luxurious travel, under the guise of official business.

According to records obtained by Judicial Watch through FOIA requests and subsequent lawsuits, the Obamas and Bidens have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on trips, beginning with the Obamas’ much-publicized New York City “date night” in 2009 up through the president’s most frequent golf outings and the first lady’s Aspen ski jaunts.

The single largest prior known expense for accommodations was for Michelle Obama’s side-trip to Dublin, Ireland, during the 2013 G-8 conference in Belfast, when she and her entourage booked 30 rooms at the five-star Shelbourne Hotel, and where she stayed in the 1500 square-foot Princess Grace suite at a cost of $3,500 a night.

The total cost to taxpayers for the Obamas’ Ireland trip was $7,921,638.66. To date, the known beyond-first-class travel expenses of the Obamas and Vice President Joe Biden exceed $57 million.

In February, Michelle Obama took a weekend trip to Aspen, Colorado that cost taxpayers a pretty penny; $57,068.80 in travel expenses alone for the 7.4 hour-round trip flight, according to U.S.Air Force records.

Obama goes to Germany in April, Japan in May, Poland in July, China in September and Peru in November (after the election to choose his successor). Administration officials say Obama is likely to add other stops in Asia during his trips to Japan and China, such as a visit to Laos in September, and he wants to visit Vietnam in May. Administration officials say Obama may add a visit to Latin America this winter or early in the spring.

We are saying stop. Full stop. Hillary stopped Bernie now we have to stop Hillary. Trump can do that and America can become Great Again.

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