Foreign flags were waving at the violent anti-Trump protest in Chicago today. The police found a credible threat that protesters planned to “Storm The Stage” and physically “Stop Trump Right Here, Right Now”.

Protests can be good or evil. Evil protests stopped the war in Vietnam causing the people of Vietnam to lose their Liberty. Vietnam today is a Totalitarian /Communist / Socialist nation with permission from government needed to live.

The leaders of the anti-Trump rally in Chicago, that would be the Left, Bill Ayres who was there, and George Soros each of whom are against America and who have an interest in getting Hillary elected and who are closely connected to the anti-Trump protest leaders in Chicago. Did they organize the protests that went violent in Chicago? Is white rice white?

Unfortunately there’s a racial element that underlies many of the protests against Trump. The phony charge of Racism against Trump, whipped up by leaders who purposely put words Trump never said in his mouth. The protesters are like sheep being led by a Judas goat who do not actually know what Trump wants to do or what he actually said. Child-minded protesters who were interviewed admitted they didn’t know what it was they were protesting. Trump for example did not say nor does he stand against Islam. He did say there is a lot of hate within Islam and proof of that hate can be read all over the internet. The Islamic bible, the Koran, has numerous and murderous words against Jews. Hatred of the Jews is a basic belief for Muslims. Islam has been leading violence to achieve conversion for centuries. Look at the invasion of Spain by the Muslims, called Moors back then.

Trump didn’t say anything wrong when he said there’s hate in Islam. The actual hate can be read in the history of Islam as well as by watching current events in the Middle East and Africa as well as watching what Muslims have been doing in Europe.

China however stopped Muslim immigration into China. The leaders in the West however have followed a policy of cultural suicide because there’s a stupid factor at work too.

Anti-Trump demonstrators who were interviewed didn’t know what Trump said. Others compared Trump who want’s to protect America from the Terrorists who are committing genocide against Christians and Jews to Hitler who murdered Jews. Hitler should be connected to the Terrorists, not to Trump but the anti-Trump protesters are unable to connect what Hitler did and what the Terrorists are doing. It’s almost like Terrorists whipped up the anti-Trump crowd and the crowd went along as crowds often do. There’s a great ignorance in the quotidian and it showed in Chicago.

Will more anti-trump protests happen? Are stupid people stupid?

Diversity is not our strength; it’s a source of weakness, tension and disunion.
And no, we can’t all get along. The anti-Trump protesters don’t want to get along. They want to stop Trump, just like Rubio and Cruz have joined together to do. They should know how Castro tricked the people of Cuba and took over Cuba because Rubio and Cruz are both of Cuban descent. Unfortunately, neither Rubio nor Cruz grasp what’s going on in Chicago so neither of them can speak out against violent protests in America.  

There’s a cultural balancing that must happen in America otherwise Americans will lose America and the world, just like Vietnam, will be worse when that happens.   


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