No dinero senorita for your so-called Green New Deal which can never be funded because, for example, eliminating aircraft and automobiles means you walk to and from the train which will be an average of a 220 mile walk each way. That’s  physically, literally and economically impossible. Like trying to eat an ear of corn through a picket fence which some people, not me, claim they have seen you do. Get real here. Embrace what brung ya, Capitalism where a crappy waitress becomes a Congressional Representative. Dumb as a brick. 


Your party, the Democrat Party, is the Party of Homophobia, where serial-homophobe Alec Baldwin was welcomed with open arms at NBC, where Joy Reid, a raging homophobe who sent the media on a wild goose chase looking for a non-existent hacker, is an anchor at MSNBC; where both MSNBC and CNN taunt a Republican Senator with homophobia; where CNN anchor Jake Tapper makes homophobic remarks …

Which brings me to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has managed to expose herself as both a homophobe and an unhinged anti-Semite in a political Party that is so increasingly comfortable with anti-Semitism one can hardly wrap the mind around it.

To talk about a paradise on earth is to talk about America, about Capitalism and a type of Individual Freedom the constructor of the Statue of Liberty could only imagine because America is great and will be great again as soon as people like little Ocasio gets it. America we mean.