In a stunning display of ignorance, inability, hatred of the good for being good and sheer stupidity FOX’s Chris Stirewalt dropped to his knees in front of Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer whose careers at FOX should be as over as Dick Morris’. Morris you may remember was horribly wrong predicting Obama’s win over Romney so FOX let him go and he’s not been seen on FOX since 2012.

Chris Stirewalt is a FOX analyst who is unable to correctly realize the Trump Phenomenon. Same for Charles Krauthammer who, while brilliant has psychological issues over Trump’s popularity. Krauthammer who was a practicing psychiatrist knows what psychological denial is yet he persists in denying the Trump Phenomenon too, just like Stirewalt. Even though Trump reached out to Krauthammer by name at a press conference Krauthammer said: “it won’t work”. That’s denial plus additional intellectual issues that have clouded over his mind and which are clear to ordinary people let alone a hyper-educated licensed physician and psychiatrist who continues to stamp his foot over the political and economic success of Donald Trump to date.

Stirewalt smirked while he explained “How To Get To Trump”. It’s thru his businesses he sniggered.  Attack him thru his businesses. Stirewalt is a despicable human who is crazy jealous of Trump and Trumps incredible success. 

Trump incredibly won mostly black Mississippi and mostly blue collar working class black and white voters in Michigan. In Hawaii, Obama’s childhood state where Michelle, her mother and Barack Obama have been vacationing for the past seven years at a cost in the ten’s of millions of taxpayer dollars, Donald Trump won even though Hawaii is a state and multi-culture that contains the most diverse mixture of human attributes in America. Hawaii proves Trump is popular across a wide range of people. Trump understands America and Americans who have been seething with outrage over the direction the Liberals and Conservatives have been pushing and pushing and pushing Americans of all types and colors against common sense. Chris Stirewalt and Charles Krauthammer’s denials are symptomatic of what’s wrong with America. FOX needs some better analysts than them.

Analysts can be wrong but they aren’t paid to be wrong. When they are wrong they are bad analysts and neither FOX nor the American viewing audience needs bad analysts. Bye-Bye Chris and Charlie, ….. and good riddance. 

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