Half of Bernie Madoff’s 4,800 direct investors lost no money so Madoff stole $64.8 billion from 2,400 people.

President Obama and his adminstration printed $6 Trillion and gave the bill to 311 million people. $6 Trillion is 6 Thousand Billion, about 100 times more than Madoff stole and 130 million times more victims.

Madoff is in prison. Obama is President —  and a candidate for another term. Obama is rewarded beyond imagination, – being treated far more lavishly than any King. Madoff is in prison for the rest of his life – for cheating far fewer people out of far less money.

Obama Committed 3 Crimes. Madoff Comitted 2

Madoff stole real money before he spent it. 

Obama counterfeited money, (printing money one does not have is counterfeiting, right?) before he stole it and spent it.

That’s three crimes for Obama, – printing, stealing and spending stolen money, – but only two , (stealing and spending stolen money) for Madoff, right? 

Obama’s behavior is morally loathsome. Hope half the voters plus one understand what’s going on in this election. It’s more than a difference in ideology, – it’s the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong.

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