Of course it was time to elect a black man. That’s behind us. Time to move on and elect someone who knows how angry we are at the politicians, the bureaucrats, the unions, the teachers and all of the other’s eating off our taxes. Enter stage right: “The Donald”.

Obama was the product of the Liberals. The Liberals almost ruined America. Sure, they got themselves wedged into power but a strong set of Conservatives crawled out from under the rockpile and seventeen Republican candidates were favored to beat Hillary. Problem. Bernie, at least for a couple of more weeks until he’s submerged under the first woman president, a most unliked woman. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and Hillary is the second fooling, shame on you again. I’m outta here.

Hillary is a most corrupt personality. Her Clinton Mafia Foundation is the most graft riddled organization since Sicily was sent here. Ironic that Italy is also the home of the Pope. Is it the endless sunshine? The fantastic tomatoes, grapes and pasta? Anyhow Hillary is the devils own daughter and she’s here. The legitimate Democrats know she’s a real life Maleficent and Hillary is Trumps secret weapon. All he has to do is show up.

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