In 1914 a Polish neurologist, at least from his name, Joseph Babinski, identified a condition which he named Anosognosia. What’s that?

Someone who has had a limb removed who still believes they can feel the limb, who is unaware of their disability is anosognostic. Hillary is anosognostic of her missing poor judgment as in her denial of her responsibility to provide security in Benghazi So far as her exact psychological conditions; her severe denial of reality, admitting her error doesn’t erase its source: her poor judgment.

What does this slow learner behavior mean? The terrible consequences of her Benghazi poor judgment has been glaringly obvious for 5 years For such calamitous judgment a person of sound judgment, moral sensibility, and the capacity to judge consequences (unjustified killing; terrorist blowback, e.g.) would experience guilt, regret, and at minimum take painstaking efforts to avoid future ‘mistakes’. Instead Hillary goes all-arrogant and accuses the victims of being in the wrong place.


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