Post election, Deon officially complained on his website about:  very disturbing dirty political tricks that our opposition continues to promote.” That’s bad English. It should be: “our opponents continue to promote” but Deon’s opponents are the victims of his mean-spiritness. 

He continues: “Northampton Township has become ground zero for smear, lies and personal attacks.” He should know. He’s the King of Smear.

He should know also because those are his tactics. For years I wrote and saidNorthampton is “Ground Zero” for Political Corruption in Bucks County”. Good to see  Vince got the Ground Zero part of the Ground Zero for Corruption. He, George and Eileen can be seen using them at every opportunity especially at the once-a-month supervisor meeting.  The question I have is when will they stop?

Vince can’t or won’t list the political tricks that allegedly were used against him. It couldn’t be the ‘DUMP DEON” signs I made and erected. He said in the Courier among several smear quotes against me: “I think those signs helped me,”.

It’s good to know Vince believes, (wrongly)  my “DUMP DEON’ signs helped him because maybe he and others should feel good about them and help pay for the 100 stolen “DUMP DEON” signs. Maybe he can order another 100 from me for the November election. 🙂

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