“Viva La Papa” meaning Long live the Pope was shouted at the Pope in Mexico. He’s a Jesuit whose motto is: “Ad Maiorem Dei Gloria”, latin for The Greater Glory Of God. Jesuits are referred to as: “The Marines of the Catholic Church”. People Francis was being very Jesuitical when he said “Trumps No Christian”. This Pope, unlike his predecessors who worked for peace is a man spoiling for a fight. That’s why he insulted America by demanding bridges not borders but he has one of the highest and deepest walls to keep undesirables out of the Vatican. He disrespects Americans who don’t want to obey him so naturally he went after Donald Trump. Lets hope he follows the elections in America and changes his mind when Trump gets elected President.

The Pope has carefully crafted his image but unfortunately it conforms well with the Left Wing Loopies in America who are after Trump in favor of Bernie Sanders or Hillary. And why is he still protecting pedophile protector Cardinal Bernard Law from justice? That’s an easy moral case to judge as well as an easy legal one. Boston Bernard Law fled to the Vatican and the protection of the Popes there because he was wanted by the authorities for helping pedophile priests. If the Pope is the pinnacle of morality as Catholics believe, why doesn’t he extradite Bernard Law back to the U.S. to be tried for his crimes helping pedophile priests escape justice. What’s wrong with this man??

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