Jeb! stuck his chin out and he got K.O.’ed by Trump. The morning after the debate Trump is leading Jeb! 18 to 1. Trump 55.3% to Jeb!’s 3.1% Jeb! won’t get the job done because he can’t do the job and the people don’t like him. Little Charlie Krauthammer picked a fight with Trump and Charlie’s ratings drop will get worse as people stop watching FOX because FOX is clearly after Trump. The question for FOX is: why is Trump so popular?

“Lil Megyn” Kelly missed her opportunity to shine when she went after Trump and helped him get into the lead because the fight was rigged because Kelly helped rig it.

People like Trump because he’s an America-loving American who made a fortune not because he figured out what the people wanted to hear but because he heard the same thing the people heard. Washington is broken. Harrisburg and Albany and many of the cities are broken politically because the politicians figured out how to beat the system but they didn’t think the people would catch them and it didn’t matter because the political class knew they could get away with it. Trump is like the sheriff who rode into town and is stopping them. Trump isn’t playing the game their way. He’s playing it the right way. How refreshing.

The Left and the Liberals can’t hear America. Trump is so popular because he can’t be bought. The Left exists to be bought and the Republican Political class even rigged the debates by controlling the tickets. Trump found out and now we know.

Ilana Mercer who learned firsthand how the game is rigged from her native South Africa, a country now in free fall towards the dump like neighboring Rhodesia now Zimbabwe has a trenchant analysis of Trump, FOX and the rigged debate HERE. It’s well worth reading. “Governor Christie has taken himself out of the presidential race. He is, nevertheless, owed a debt of gratitude for exposing Rubio’s faulty circuitry. Inadvertently has Christie done the country another kindness: He has given viewers a glimpse into the low-watt, spiteful coverage coming from the Kelly arm of the Murdoch Media.”

Jeb! brought his family into his campaign. His brother is not only his family, he’s massively unpopular and Jeb! continues to show us why. Jeb decided to bring in canons to help himself so what could Trump do? Did Jeb! foolishly think he could bring his family along for protection? Looks like it and if his older brother George comes out in public he’ll make Jeb!’s campaign worse. In addition, Jeb! is not spending his own money. His donors get their money from back-room deals which means from the people which makes it illicit. Donald gets his money from his personal success. He get’s his money the American way, by making good deals with people who want a good deal. Trump likes gold. Nothing about Jeb! is gold. He’s like the mine dumps of Johannesburg, the tailings from the gold mines. Jeb! should figure out how to help Trump or go home. Ditto for FOX, Charlie and “Lil Megyn”   

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