The Supreme Court just went from 5 republican appointees to four. There are 4 Democrat appointees. Expect the Tea Parties to get super-agitated behind their Republican Religious Presidential candidate Ted Cruz because he’s almost an anti-abortion zealot. It takes 51 Senators to support the Presidents choice of a new Supreme Court Justice or 50 Senators and the vote of the Vice President but the Republican party has 54 Republican Senators who would walk barefoot on glass shards before they would appoint anyone sent to the Senate by Barack Hussein Obama, …. unless Obama can make a deal better that the world’s best deal-maker Donald J. Trump and that’s 100% impossible.

The rather sudden death of Roman Catholic Justice Anton Scalia means there are now 4 Republican’s,  Alito, Kennedy, Roberts and Thomas, and 4 Democrats, Breyer, Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor on the Supreme Court. .

In a little known set of statistics the Republican Senate has been blocking 55 of Obama’s nominations for the Federal Courts. Philadelphia, home of the Third District Court for example, has had a blocked nomination for several years. Most of the Federal judges are Democrats. Most Democrats are pro-abortion which explains why the Senate has been blocking Obama’s nominee’s and why the Tea Parties will work hard for the Republicans who are seen as more anti-abortion.


The average ago of the eight Supreme Court Justices is 69.

The oldest is Ruth Bader-Ginsberg at 83,

Anthony Kennedy is 80,

Stephen Breyer is 77 years 5 months,

Clarance Thomas is 67 years 5 months,

Samual Alito is 65 years, ten months,

Sonya Sotomayor 61 years 7 months,

John Roberts at 61 years 

Elena Kagan at 55 years 9 months.  

Three more Justices are up in years so the possibility that the next President may get to appoint four new Republican Justices and switch the court from it’s 4-4 tie to a 7 to 2 Republican leaning court is very high. 









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