The most glaring take-a-way from the San Bernardino terrorist attack was the lack of return fire. San Bernardino. That’s in one of the most gun restricted places in America, the uber-Liberal Left Coast where guns are treated like Satan and gun owners like idiots who cling to them, as Karl Marx-Obama puts it. Trump at least seems aware of these questions.

“In his Valeurs Actuelles interview with the French magazine, Trump called out European nations for losing control of territories within their own borders even as they disarmed their own populations—what Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny.” Disarmed. Trump criticized Europe for disarming their citizens. Terrorists know Europe has soft tagets compared to America where many of us are armed, trained and willing to confront evil, ….except of course for the religiously Marxist Left wing who hate self defense preferring to pay a poice department to do it. What happened to Americans like John”True Grit” Wayne? Donald Trump is the not only the closest candidate to John Wayne, he’s the only choice to deal with the likes of Putin, the Ayatollah’s and the Islam based Terrorists.

“Most importantly of all, Trump seems to understand demography is destiny. He says: “Unfortunately, France isn’t what it was, nor Paris.” He predicts the end of Europe unless we deal “with the situation competently and firmly” and suggests immigration must be handled in an “intelligent, rapid, and energetic matter” [Europe heading for ‘revolutions’ and ‘collapse’ over immigration, warns Donald Trump, by Henry Samuel and Ruth Sherlock, Telegraph, February 10, 2016]

Sounds like a call for deportations to me..

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