Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If I wanted America to fail, –to follow not lead, –to suffer not prosper, –to despair not dream. I’d start with energy.
I cut off America’s supply of cheap abundant energy. I couldn’t take it by force. So I’d make America feel guilty using energy that heats their homes, fuels their cars, runs their businesses, and powers their economy. I’d make cheap energy expensive so that expensive energy would seem cheap.

I would empower unelected bureaucrats to outlaw America’s most abundant sources of energy. After banning its use in America, I would make it illegal for American companies to ship it overseas.

If I wanted America to fail, I’d use their schools to teach one generation of Americans that their factories and their cars would house a new ice age and I’d muster and maintain a straight face and tell the next generation that they are causing global warming.

..When it is cold out, I’ll call it climate change instead.

I’d imply that America’s cities and factories could run on wind power and wishes. I would teach children to ignore the hypocrisy, condemning logging, mining, farming, having roofs over their heads, heat in their homes and food on their tables.

I would never teach children that the free market is the only force in human history that lifts the poor, establishes the middle class and creates lasting prosperity. I’d instead demonize prosperity itself so they would not miss instead never have.

If I wanted America to fail, I would create countless new regulations and seldom cancel old ones. It would be so complicated that bureaucrats, lawyers and mafias could understand them…that way small businesses with big ideas wouldn’t stand a chance. I would never have to worry about another Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs. I would ridicule as flat earthers those who urge them to lower energy prices to increasing supply and when evangelists of common sense try to remind people about the laws of supply and demand, I’d enlist the sympathetic media to drown them out.

If I wanted America to fail, I would empower unaccountable bureaucracies seated in a distant capitol to bully Americans out of their dreams and their property rights. I’ll send federal agents to raid guitar factories for using the wrong kind of wood. I would force home owners to tear down their own homes built on their own land. I would make it almost impossible for farmers to farm, miners to mine, loggers to log, and builders to build. ..And because I don’t believe in free markets, I’d invent false ones. I’d devise fictitious ones like carbon credits and trade them in imaginary markets. I’d convince people that this would create jobs and would be good for the economy.

If I wanted America to fail, for every concern I’d invent a crises. For every crises, I’d invent a cause…like shutting down entire industries and killing tens and thousands of jobs. In the name of saving spotted owls and when everyone learned that the stunning irony the owls were victims of their larger cousins and not people, it would already be decades too late.

If I wanted America to fail, I’d make it more easier to stop commerce than to start. It would be easier to cut jobs then to create them. It would be more fashionable to resent success then to seek it. When industry seeks to create jobs, I’d file lawsuits to stop them and then I’d make taxpayers pay for my lawyer.

If I wanted America to fail, I would transform environmental agenda from document of conservation to an economic suicide pact. I would concede entire industries to our economic rivals by imposing regulations that costs trillions. I would celebrate those who preach environmental austerity in public while indulging in lavish lifestyle in private. I’d convince Americans that Europe has it right and that American has it wrong.
If I wanted America to fail, I would prey on the goodness and the decency of ordinary Americans. I would only need to convince them that all of this is for the greater good.
If I wanted America to fail, I …I suppose. I wouldn’t change a thing.
~Free Market AMERICA

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