The Obamabots, Hillary and Bernie would give Obama eight more years to hurt race relations in America; to increase the penalties of an increasing welfare state; and explode the National Debt to $30 Trillion. 

Steve Sailer over at the UNZ review wrote: “One day after the two squared off at a debate that emphasized issues relating to race and gender, Mrs. Clinton made clear that she intends to run in this state’s primary by effectively seeking Mr. Obama’s third term — and claiming Mr. Sanders would be a threat to the first black president’s accomplishments.

“He has called the president weak, a disappointment. He tried to get some attention to attract a candidate to actually run against the president when he was running for re-election,” Mrs. Clinton told a gymnasium full of voters near the campus of a historically black college here.

“It was a reprisal of her offensive at Thursday night’s debate, but she escalated her assault further, portraying Mr. Sanders as an impediment to the health care law so associated with Mr. Obama that, she noted, it bears his name.

“Separately, the “super PAC” supporting her, “Priorities USA”, said it would begin running ads that Hillary is the true heir to Obama’s legacy when it comes to helping blacks.

“The electorate in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Feb. 27 is expected to be at least half black, a constituency that reveres Mr. Obama and was crucial in his defeat of Mrs. Clinton in the 2008 Democratic contest here.

Mrs. Clinton still enjoys a substantial advantage over Mr. Sanders among African-Americans in polls, but her campaign is plainly concerned about Sanders making inroads with such voters. Her campaign has conducted focus groups of African-American voters, which revealed that many of them associate attacks on the health law as no different from attacks on Mr. Obama himself.”
“That’s pretty funny” wrote Mr. Sailer:
“Mr. Sanders voted for the legislation, but has called for going further and enacting universal, government-run health care for all Americans.
Free Stuff just isn’t good enough.

“More broadly, Mrs. Clinton is effectively seeking to turn Mr. Sanders’s grounding in class-based politics into a liability, suggesting that he is insufficiently focused on the immediate problems of black voters whose quality of life will not be lifted by curbing Wall Street excesses or reforming the campaign finance system.”

Both Billary and Bernie want to continue Obama’s disastrous policies and programs that made things in America worse, especially with race relations. Maybe Bill Clinton was accepted among the black community as the first black president but Obama was the first really black president. Bill was somewhat more authentic, …he was a musician who played the sax while Obama can’t carry a tune let alone play an instrument. There’s a credible case that he spent too much time learning Islam in a Muslim school in Jakarta so he didn’t have time to learn music but he appreciates the call from the Mosque for Muslim prayers. That’s yet another part of the case against the idea that Obama is an authentic American, a case reinforced by his America-hating mother who twice married non-American’s while accepting welfare in the form of money designated for non-American enterprise most of her working life, the point being, Obama has never been as comfortable among white people as he has among blacks and non-Americans including especially his time as a pot smoking “Choom Gang” member in high school.

Hawaii at 2,400 miles from America is the world’s most isolated population center. No chance for American values to take root there, especially because the people are mostly from other places. See his Obama’s book: “Dreams of My Father” for more info about his well known and unapologetic pot and cocaine abuse; a confessed bully of little girls; a hatred of Capitalism; his close ties close ties to terrorists; his too close close relationships and agreements with Marxist leaders; his false claims of openness and transparency while continuing to hide his past with hidden or sealed records: his membership in a Marxist organization; his life long membership and regular attendance in Rev. Wright’s Openly anti-White, Racist “church”…………… Nope, nothing to see here folks, move along!

Obama grew up “rich” in the sense of the good life in Hawaii. He attended the upscale Punahou School, hung out with boys of means who had access to pot, pools and booz in Hawaii that only became a state in 1959 so it lacked an authentic American tradition. It still does. It’s an extremely Liberal and Left Wing Pacific crossroads that still has little knowledge of or respect for the America of Washington, Jefferson and Adams.

Hillary isn’t an authentic American either because she lacks a proper set of American values. Her values are dystopian. Hillary is super-predator who seeks and gets revenge on America. Like Obama she’s a superb manipulator in the worst sense of the word. Bernie isn’t a master manipulator like Hillary and Barack. He’s just a Left-Winger who want’s to give free stuff to people who neither earn nor deserve it without any idea that he must first take the money to pay for the free stuff from the people who earned it and deserve it. That’s the tragic flaw of Marx and Lenin who believed forcing people with money to give it to the state is morally good. They and Bernie were and are wrong.

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