If Obama really believes “Muslim Americans keep us safe” how does he explain Terrorists who murder in the name of Islam? How does he explain that FBI statistics don’t support his wrong idea that Muslims are under attack in America? Where is Obama’s public posturing against anti-Semitism? And how much of so-called anti-Muslim mosque vandalism is committed by Muslims? Records show it’s a good percentage. The FBI ought to pull those figures and shove them in front of Obama and his press secretary at a press conference.

And why did Obama visit this mosque? It’s a known radical mosque with jihad-terror related ties.

The fact show that Obama was born a Muslim because his Kenyan father was a Muslim. His Kenyan grandfather was a Muslim and his adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro was a Muslim. Under Islamic law, Obama is a Muslim. And he want to Quran school and studied Islam as a young boy.

The Muslim world considers Obama Muslim because according to the sharia he is a Muslim. Get over it, CNN.

No one in the Obama-adoring press showed the photo’s of the women who are not allowed to worship on the ground floor of a Mosque with the men but who are commanded to sit together in the balcony. Why not? Is it because it’s against “Who We Are” as Obama says when he want’s to whitewash the cause of Terrorism in America and around the world? ?

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