Her “Blue Eyes” are phony; she has tinted contact lenses. Her blonde hair is phony; it’s mouse brown.

Would Clinton actually be a good president? No, argues Doug Henwood in his book My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency. As Daniel Davies observes, it provides a brief, reasonable survey of the case against returning Clinton to the presidency, free of the right-wing dreck clogging up the internet. The whole book is worth reading, but the main argument can be grouped under three headings.

1. Clinton is far too aggressive with the use of military force.
2. John Kerry has been spectacular in one year compared to Hillary’s four as Sec of State. Clinton’s own list of accomplishments at the State Department is rather thin. From the false “Reset” Button to her “pivot to Asia”?), her immediate successor John Kerry has hit a succession of diplomatic home runs: a). helping get chemical weapons out of Syria, b). re-opening relations with Cuba after half a century of rupture, c). pushing through a nuclear deal with Iran,plus a host of smaller victories.

3. Clinton has raised millions in illicit or close to illicit campaign contributions from all sorts of rich industries, particularly Wall Street.

4. She’s also profited personally while Sec. of State, the most corrupt Sec. State in American history. She shook down millions from huge finance players. in speaking fees and in donations to her Clinton from several One wonders what that could possibly be for, if not political access. A Clinton presidency is almost guaranteed to be a continual parade of suspicious stories and scandals.

5. Hillary’s illegal rogue server and her rogue back-up server in Colorado and her email scandal is classic Clinton behavior: extreme secrecy and paranoia. She despises the press and instinctively treads right up to the line of acceptable behavior for a public official.

6. She’s a congenital LIAR!
As Henwood writes, “Little that Hillary says about policy can be believed with any confidence.”

7). She’s “ALL HAT, NO CATTLE” as they say in Texas. Her presidency would be a step back for the nation as a whole, the world in general and would make the universe weep.

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