Sharpton is now officially in charge of changing the identity of America. He ordered fewer White Football Quarterbacks and Coaches because they have monopolized those positions for too long and it’s time to give African American’s a better chance but Sharpton want’s to ban white basketball players because there aren’t enough of them. Same for rap music.

Minster Sharpton is in charge of America’s museums and monuments; promoting and protecting the arts (visual, plastic, theatrical, musical, dance, architectural, literary, televisual and cinematographic (meaning especially cable TV) as well as the racial composition of school boards, teachers unions and all local boards of Supervisors. “We know what the culture should be” said Sharpton who was appointed Minister of Culture by Executive Order #13,716 issued by President Obama. It was Obama’s 228th executive order. Obama told Sharpton to close all Confederate Flag displays. Violation of Order #13,715 is punishable by wearing 50# of lead weights, one pound for every previously free state of these United States.

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