30,000 people work for the Secretary of state. What did Hillary do with 30,000 popel in 4 years? She visited 112 Countries. That’s her achievement? That’s a joke.

The world is worse off because she could not accomplish anything in four years. She’s taking credit for killing binLadin but the Military, not the Dept. of State did that.

What else? Treated women well. So did her husband. Appointed lots of women. Yeah, so did her husband.

What else? Worked to pay off her campaign debts while she was Sec.State. That’s probably an ethics violation. Check her cell phone records. She engaged in political telephone work while Sec. State.

Instead of helping America by helping his wife, Bill stayed home while Hillary travelled around on the taxpayers tab. Almost a million miles of free plane rides. That’s 1,800 hours in the air. but at 40 hours a week it’s only 22% of her working hours.

Oh, you say she worked more hours than that?  Yes she did so she spent even an even lower percent of her time in the air so her travel wasn’t as much as she could have done. 

No peace agreement with Israel. Dislikes Gay Marriage in America but promoted it around the world thereby increasing hostile treatment of Americans overseas. That’s not an achievement. It’s a move backwards.

Approved Gay and Lesbian marriage towards the end of her Sec.State appointment but didn’t support it in public. What kind of person does that? A hypocrite? A closet bigot?

Hillary is a deceiver.

She’s also a senior citizen prone to blood clots, (she already had them twice and was/is on blood thinners) as well but the toughest thing for Hillary to overcome is her record of working very hard, doing too many wrong things, not knowing how to lead and unreliable as a team leader.

Hillary is a team player but not a leader of the pack. She’s set in her ways from loads of experience working as the First Lady of both Arkansas and the United States but the job of president requires a top manager, not a team player.




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