Die Welt is published in Germany. It reported about Bright Pink Carpet to be put in public transportation vehicles to designate a “Lady Zone” so women can avoid being sexually groped by the misogynist migrants who believe woman who do not wear a black tablecloth are “asking for it”, it being rape. The city of Regensburg cannot control these horny dystopian males so the use of a Pink Zone won’t help keep them away from unarmed women which means every woman because the German Government effectively prohibits gun ownership for self-defense by making it almost impossible because of high expense and the time required to go shooting often enough to be considered a legal “Bambi Killer”.  The Germans hate to have to defend themselves so they despise people who actually want to resist rapists by shooting at them until they stop. 

To get a permit for concealed carry in Germany, a culture that disrespects it’s own citizens so much it makes it almost impossible to carry a gun to protect your children, you must prove you are in terrible danger. Being shot once is considered proof enough. Being murdered makes you more qualified but the government of Germany forbids citizens from being buried with a loaded gun.

Germany has imported enough men from rape-based cultures but the culture enrichers refuse to keep their filthy hands off of the German women. The problem with Lady Zones is it concentrates the targets in the backs of the buses. The solution is arrest, trial and deportation or forbid further immigration of the rape-based culture enrichers.

What’s next? Blue seats where one is not allowed to steal, green seats where one is not allowed to beat up people and so on? What about if those with migration issues are color blind?


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