Trump voters are far too angry to watch football. Hillary voters don’t watch football. TV is Left Wing / Liberal Communist TV. Trumpsters detest the Left wing. We refuse to watch left wing actors like stupid obvious Trump haters like Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon who are poor losers, poor sports and little children who cry when they don’t get their way. They praised themselves for helping the yahoos vote for Obama. They adored him even though he’s been the most lightweight President ever. He couldn’t work with congress so he issued un-American Presidential Orders.
Of course the President can issue Executive Orders but he’s supposed to huddle with Congress and work out deals to get things done. Obama cannot work with the other side. He’s a community organizer who can whip up a group to work against people. As President he had no one to whip up so he had to go it alone and he couldn’t do that, at least not very well.

So America is in a very bad mood. Democrats are mad they lost. Republicans are mad that the Democrats are mad. We’re all mad. We don’t want to watch football. We want America straightened out.

Obama fouled up America by importing legal and illegal non-Americans who don’t know how American’s act. We come together after a loss. When Dallas wins we suck it up and play again next week only right now we see America losing around the world. We’re all mad about the election results. We’re mad at the Electoral college. We’re mad at Obama, Hillary and Trump. We’re taking it out on everything. We don’t want a new car, we want justice. We don’t want to watch football, we want things like Ferguson and BlackLives straightened out. Stop shooting our cops. Stop rioting and looting. Stop Putin. Stop the whole damn thing. Take your deflated little footballs and shove them up SNL’s commie a** ……. well, we’re all mad.

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