Liberals deny a child needs a father. Irina Dunn said in 1970: “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Irina either changed her mind or never had a child.

Why do some women insist they don’t need a man in their lives? That’s true unless or until they conceive.

Other women are better off without a man in their life. Some men are so impossible to live with that no woman could do it, at least not for very long. the evidence is clear that divorce is higher among the least educated although the rich are still able to be stupid enough about marriage that they can’t get it right. OTOH, divorce probably saves millions of lives each year by removing murder and mayhem as alternatives to a bad marriage.

So a woman needs a man to father her child. It doesn’t matter at all that the woman hates men. She cannot get pregnant without a man.

Does a child need his/her father? It the mother is rich enough she can raise  children without the father but the need for a father is different than the need for a man. Father’s are Authority Figures. Both parents are role models but a father provides a vastly different education for his child than the mother.

No father can nurture a child like the mother. Likewise no mother can provide the strength of a father. A fathers’ strength is part of his sexual attraction to a woman because it continues all through her life and the life of their children. It’s a biological imperative. Females are attracted to the stronger males throughout the animal  kingdom and women are after all mammals. Women are  also intellectually attracted to men because of the values and virtues that are provided by a man and the woman certainly is part of those values. That’s why two men cannot be mothers nor can two women be fathers either. Biology is clear. It’s been one man, one woman since Adam and Eve.

Even in the secular world every culture normalizes the male/female; mother /father bond.

Is a father necessary for his child? No necessity about it. Each child get’s a father.  There’s no second choice.

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