Propaganda works. That’s why it’s useful and used. Walk around the schools. Read the propaganda. See it at work in the movies. Instead of forcing the President to let in more male immigrants from rape-centered, female mutilationists, misogynistic cultures, just make rape more acceptable by showing the advantages of how much better it is to give up and give in by showing a movie scene where it works that way.

Rocky is up to number 6 now and the hero is as black as Al Sharpton. See how virile women are. Watch Angelina Jolie beat the crap out of six Green Berets. 

Is there a head of surgery on TV who isn’t black? Sir Lancelot – black. The Ghostbusters – women. Thor is black. Mad Max is a woman. Spider-Man is black. Ocean’s 11 is all women. Meat Loaf is gay. The Honeymooners are black. James Bond is black or maybe he’ll be gay. At the beginning of the Annie reboot where we discover she’s now black, she performs for her classmates and tells them welfare-state pioneer FDR was the greatest president ever because he brought us the New Deal. Later in the movie, we learn Annie can’t read.

“Campbell’s Soup realizes only a miniscule fraction of their clientele are gay parents, but having two fathers quote Darth Vader’s “I’m your father” gets all the virtue-signaling progressives who might otherwise go with Progresso.”

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