A few people have alleged the large DUMP DEON sign on the rear of the front lawn  behind a large tree which just about obscured it from the road at St John’s Church on Almshouse Road on election day offended them. It was a political sign at a polling place where political signs have traditionally been placed. There was a large Elect Deon sign, higher than the DUMP DEON sign. Dump may be a four letter word, (so is Deon) but all four letter words are not offensive and the level of offensiveness for some has decreased significantly over the years until today where the worst four letter word is heard so frequently that it probably doesn’t offend at all.

The idea that a political sign is offensive probably applies to political signs in general. Republicans can claim they are offended by the Democrats political signs  and vice versa. Unfortunately for those who think they are offended, political signs are protected under the Federal Constitution and by virtue of the 14th amendment that protection extends to each state. Political speech is the most protected speech.

So, with apologies to those who want to be offended the DUMP DEON sign on religious property, property that is partly rented to the Board of Elections on election day the consensus would agree that it was not offensive, that it is not involved with freedom of religion and that it is protected by the Federal Constitution.

cc: Lawrence Otter Esq.

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