St. John’s Methodist church on Almshouse Road is a polling place. There was a large DUMP DEON sign on the lawn all day. At the secret Republican meeting Monday night some officials said there was an offensive remark made to the pastor by someone who was supporting O’Neill and it was reported to and was being investigated by the Board of Elections.

Our investigators report there was no remark made to the pastor. The pastor did not see the sign. The Board of Elections did call the pastor but nothing came of the nonsense. There’s more. Read “OFFENSIVE POLITICAL SIGNS” below. I took four townships to federal court over political signs and won so it’s clear to me and to anyone who cares to research it that political speech is protected by the Constitution. DUMP DEON sumarizes a longer message: that Supervisor Deon is not a good voting choice and should not be re-elected. It is clear and a precision use of the English language. Only a misguided zealot can fail to grasp that. In addition, the Bucks County Board of Elections lacks any authority to regulate the content of political signs. Political signs at polling places on election day are almost pure political speech. No one in America can regulate that. How do I know? I have many Supreme Court Opinions that prove it. DUMP DEON is protected by the full force of America.  Heed the words of Yosimite Sam: “BACK OFF”.

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