The entire Northampton Republican Committee as well as the Exec Committee member/Supervisor and the Sewer board worked a conspiracy as dirty and as hard as they ever worked to defeat registered Republicans on April 24th. Not content with the sleazy tactics they used in the last two elections they went after Bill O’Neill with malice in their hearts and continued their sleaze after the election. That alone will push rank and file Republicans into the waiting arms of the opposition. The entire NRC stands behind the vitriol because not one elected committperson objected.

The trouble with the NRC is their stunning naivete and their silence. The worst kinds of leaders, several men driven by hate have taken the NRC into new depths of hatred. They used all they could against me. Not content to employ the Pink Book husband of a confirmed liar, they are BEING SERVICED by a resident thug who they sent out to perform actual assaults. From the foul-mouthed Northampton Supervisor to the Supervisor using his elected office to benefit his insurance selling company that was handed to him by his in-laws, to several wretched people who are doing so much damage to the Republicans that they may hand over Northampton Township to the National Opposition in November.  

How do I know that? Keep your eye on the number of changed registrations. 

Are they so dumb that they don’t understand there are real problems in the world?

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