Fox News reported about the unconstitutional power of the Federal Government to put cell towers wherever they want put them. Actually Fox News didn’t report that, I did. You can read the Fox report at: You just read about the unconstitutional power to install a cell tower for the first time, here.  

But keep in mind the secrecy that went on for many months within the Board of Supervisors. Most likely some of the secret discussions violated the PA Sunshine act. Even worse for the Supervisors they got caught, — this time. Perhaps their plans to keep people, probably even some supervisors in the dark would have suceeded except for the fighting spirit of some great American neighbors. Americans push back.

Why is unconstitutional power important? Because an Emergency Injunction in Federal Court, (6th and Arch) can be granted if the lawsuit involves a Constitutional question. Private Property Rights provide one Constitutional basis for filing for Emergency Protection of Property. Four elements need to be proven to obtain an Injunction. A Constitutional attorney should know them. I’m not an attorney but I did file a Pro-Se Emergency Petition for Injunctive Relief in Federal Court and the judge scheduled the hearing within 48 hours. Two years later the judge ordered Northampton and three other townships to remove the unconstitutional ordinances against which I sought relief even though the judge did not grant the original injunctions. Years later Northampton put the ordinance back into their two inch thick book of ordinances and again I had a federal judge order it removed. Some people (Northampton Supervisor Komelasky was in power during both Northampton lawsuits) never learn.

The authors of the Constitution did not exactly understand the difference between Rights and Power. That knowledge is still imperfectly known because Rights is a relatively new issue in human history. Basically governments have Power, individuals have Rights, and Rights are supposed to be able to limit Power. The fact that Power has grown and Rights have been diluted until today people unwittingly ascribe Rights to government as well as to plants, animals and the environment proves how imperfectly Rights are understood.

It takes a lot of information to win a constitutional lawsuit against a township. I won five. I hope some attorney will help file for Emergency Injunctive Relief about the Northampton Cell Towers because I’ve known government is too powerful for decades and it’s about time that knowledge gets thru to some of these petty tyrants. Rights trump Power but it takes a special kind of attorney to get the job done. I’m willing to help. E-mail me at Let’s get these towers and government under control.

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