But they must embrace America, not try to change us into the failed cultures from which they claim to be running.

To grow the economy a country with a low birth rate needs people. A growing economy requires people to do the jobs but when local birth rates cannot produce enough new citizens one answer is to increase immigration. More immigrants mean more people to do the jobs to keep an economy growing.

Government cannot produce workers. Only commercial and industrial organizations can create jobs and new jobs need people to do them. All businesses from small to large need additional employees to do the jobs.

The most difficult part of business is selling. Immigrants aren’t able to sell because they have insufficient language skills and insufficient cultural knowledge.

A business can produce products but those products must be sold, otherwise the business has no money to produce more products and it atrophies. Business is only about Production and Sales. People are needed to produce the products. When demand for the product increases, production must make more product. More production requires more people but more production requires more sales. When demand and production happen at the same rate the business is steady, neither growing nor contracting.

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