Obama is forbidden to; “infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.” That’s a complete prohibition on him to do anything related to guns in the hands of private citizens. Unfortunately he refuses to obey the law and who’s going to stop him? Putting obstacles in the way of getting a gun is certainly an infringement on the right to keep a gun. If you can’t get one he can’t take it away but he first has to stop you from getting a gun which is what he’s been doing.

American gun owners aren’t put in a database by the Federal or State govenrments. That’s forbidden but the government figures out it can keep a database of the guns location, that requires them to keep a list of the person who in in control of the place where a gun is kept. That violates the Second and Fourth Amendments. that constitutes a registration list of the peole who own guns.

Registration leads to Confiscation. The government of Canada confiscates guns by requiring a registration certificate then they revoke the certificate making the possession of a gun without a certificate an illegal gun becasue it’s not registered. They know where the gun is because the address is on the gun registration certificate.

Here’s what they ordered: “You are required by law to return your firearm registration certificates, without delay, either by mail to the address shown in the top left corner of this page or in person to a peace officer or firearms officers. You have 30 days to deliver your firearms to a peace officer, firearms officer or Chief Firearms Officer or to otherwise lawfully dispose of them.” That was sent to owners of registered firearms by the Canadian Firearms Centre, an agency of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. See some of their anti-gun announcements HERE.

A gun without a registration certificate is an unregistered gun which means it’s an illegal gun and must be surrendered or it will be confiscated after the Mounties knock on your door at 3:00 AM.

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