A Patriot friend says American’s won’t willingly give up their guns. He was wrong. He believes our friends and neighbors will protect us when the apparatus of government decides to take our guns. He’s wrong on that score too. Look at Australia where in many ways the people are even more conscious of personal Liberty than Americans. The Aussies are closer to the American Frontier in attitude than Americans. That includes the Republicans. As you are well aware, the Aussies recently turned in their guns and did it with little fuss.

You ask: “how many of our sons and daughters would take up arms against their families and friends?” The answer is available in America’s history from the Civil War to the KuKluxKlan laws where the Federalies suppressed their friends and neighbors when the Feds enforced the laws. Remember Ruby Ridge, Waco and Elian Gonzales? The Military, the pseudo military and the police would go after the guns of their families and friends with alacrity. History provides millions of examples including especially the NAZI’s where law enforcement aided the government against private citizens. Far fetched you say? I say look to Waco where law enforcement used a tank against David Koresh and where the Fed’s killed 80 people.

Our friends and neighbors would peaceably turn in their guns. Those who would hold out would have their homes entered and searched. Tell me I’m wrong. It’s one thing to posture at Tea Party events and quite another when a hostile Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Community comes after the guns and the people who are hiding them. When law enforcement believes they are on the right side of the law they will go after their friends and family. Some few law enforcement may resist but not effectively.

Look at alcohol enforcement in PA. Almost no one makes or sells moonshine in PA. Score a victory for government against the Rights of the people.

No my friend, — your neighbors won’t help you and most will turn against you. History is a melancholy example of the power of government in removing such abstractions like Rights and the Power of the people.

It’s rare for anyone to talk about the Power of the individual because it’s been effectively repressed. As Ayn Rand said: “It’s earlier that you think” in the fight for Liberty and: “an election campaign is not the time to teach people the fundamentals of political theory, and a candidate is not a teacher” — and that “elections are won in every month of the year — except November.”

Obama has another year and like a cornered snake full of rage, he’s more dangerous to Liberty now that he only has another year in office. Look at how many people agree with Obama that guns in private hands are dangerous even though Obama makes sure his bodyguards have not only guns but lots of other deadly devices like hand grenades and rocket launchers.

The only Republican who can beat Hillary is Trump. Many of the Republican presidential candidates would make a great President. Cruz may get the Republican nomination which will had the Presidency to Hillary. She’s not nearly as popular as Trump but as the recent summary of Real Clear Politics polls showed Clinton easily and thoroughly crushes Cruz. Hillary also crushes Trump in the polls but they seem to be wrong because Drudge just reported that 20% of Democrats will vote for trump. The polls are underestimating Trump’s support.

Trump is in favor of many things that bother the voters but he has not articulated an ideological stance. Perhaps he can’t or won’t but he’s at least a practicing Capitalist which goes in his favor. He’s not close to what America needs to check the loss of Liberty but he’s ahead of everyone else about Capitalism so ideologically he’s alone among the Republicans. As they say, the Democrats are running towards Socialism and the Republicans are walking. It’s not good for the future of Liberty.

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