It’s as official as it can get with no official announcement yet. At the meeting of the Lower Bucks Tea Party Patriots it was announced that Brian Fitzpatrick, the younger brother of Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick would run for Congress to replace his brother Mike. Nathan Gonzalez of Roll Call had reported it and yesterday Politics PA via Nick Field also announced it. HERE. That makes four Republicans who will run agaisnt each other in the Republican Primary and two Democrats who are running against them. Brian Fitzpatrick has the edge because of his name and the long political career of his older brother Michael in Bucks County as long ago as 1995 when he was appointed County Commissioner by political boss Harry Falkes. 

Brian will be running against former Bucks County Commissioner Andy Warren; State representative Scott Petri; and Dean Malik who has an impressive resume. Malik addressed the Lower Bucks Tea Party Patriots last night and favorably impressed them.

The Democrats have fielded State rep Steve Santarsiero and chemist Saughnessy Norton.

Santarsiero supports “Guilty; Prove You Are Innocent ” for attempted gun purchases instead of supporting the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms which clearly and sensibly requires government to keep out of the way of a citizens right to buy and own firearms. Santarsiero’s ideas about guns is as ridiculous as blaming spoons for making people over-eat.

Norton is worse than Santarsiero regarding the Second Amendment. She believes guns can fire themselves. What other meaning is there for her calling for government to control “gun violence”? That’s left wing-nut speak for keeping guns out of the hands of people who so often use them to defend themselves against rape, robbery and other crimes against their person. Norton also has the rather silly idea that guns cause disease hence her call for the Center For Disease Control to study the defensive use of guns as a means of self-defense. Oh, wait. She wants big government to study how anthropomorphic guns think; how they decide to fight, and how guns decide who to shoot, aim themselves and pull their trigger.

Norton ignores the very positive uses of guns by private citizens to protect and defend themselves until the police arrive. You’ve heard: call for a pizza and the police and see which arrives first.

Norton has loads of money, upwards of $600,000 but lacks enough common sense to figure out that guns don’t spread disease and that a pistol is the best defense a woman can carry around.

Remember how the Laws of the Third Reich forced Jewish people to register their guns then confiscated them so they would be disarmed before being sent to the death camps.
America is different. America respects and trusts it’s citizens and knows the importance of individual gun ownership to protect and defend individuals as well as the importance of a robust and armed citizenry to make sure government can be protected by the people.

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