America’s biggest pathology is Race. “Murder in Brentwood” has the evidence from the crime scene. It was published in 1997. America was in love with OJ. Back then 72 percent of whites thought Simpson was guilty; 71 percent of African-Americans believed him innocent.
Johnnie Cochran got OJ off. Is the truth a captive of race? #BlackLivesMatter isn’t about people like Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman. #BLM is about how police handle black people as was the verdict in the OJ case. Was justice done? No. Just like Freddie Grey’s back was broken before he was put in the van when it shouldn’t have been. Black America knows more about how the police work that white America and the OJ case peeled back the pretty, wholesome surface, of oh-so American Brentwood exposing all manner of rot and stink and tawdriness festering underneath.

Justice is supposed to get it right but it didn’t in the case of OJ. Justice is not supposed to be about race but Cochran knew how to use it to spin the case and get OJ off. Should Freddie Grey be alive? Of course. So should Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. But they’re dead and here we are. 

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