“Greece — and so too Rome — represented a world radically foreign to Islam, for reasons religious, but also economic, cultural, legal and political” Unlike the Latinate and Frankish peoples, “Muslims did not interest themselves in the languages of those whom they had conquered” because “Arabic was the sacred language par excellence, and that of revelation.” Muslims had no need of any other language therefore they rejected all of them.

See: Sylvain Gouguenheim’s Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel: Les racines grecques de l’Europe Chrétienne

According to the story prevalent today, Aristotle in his fullness returned to the ken of Christendom through a complicated chain of transactions, beginning with supposed Arabic translations out of Greek, and then, by way of Moorish generosity, from Arabic back into Latin and over the Pyrenees. But the story does not wash. It is plagued by linguistic problems as well “The Same God Hypothesis”.

To proclaim Christians and Muslims have the same God is false. Islam’s Gods do not partake in the same discourse, do not put forward the same values, do not propose for humanity the same destiny and do not concern themselves with the same manner of political, economic, cultural or legal organization in human society. The side by side comparisons of the Gospel and the Koran demonstrates the two universes are unalike. From Christ, who refuses to punish the adulterous woman by stoning, one turns to Mohammed commanding stoning to death of the unfaithful woman. One cannot follow Jesus and Mohammed. Muslims especially cannot follow Moses.

Christianity accepted as basic political principles, “liberty, reason, and democracy.” Not so Islam which means “Subjugation” -the opposite of Liberty. Muslims must follow the Koran so reason is utterly useless.
Muslims do not need Democracy. No religion is subject to a vote so no religion needs Democracy but only Islam includes everything within it’s orbit. Islam therefore is incompatible with Democracy or Democracy is incompatible with Islam.

The real blow to the Roman and Greek economy came with the Muslim blockade of the Mediterranean and their relentless raids culminating in the assault on France and the conquest of Iberia. The Late-Antique economy depended on competent book-keeping.

Far from owing anything to the Muslim world, as Pirenne sees it, Early-Medieval Europeans suffered a fatal blow from Muslim intransigence and hostility. The subsequent two centuries were impoverished, but not from any intrinsic cause; nor were those centuries intellectually bereft — something that Pirenne knew three quarters of a century ago.

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