What we see happening in the United States is an illustration of why the Confederate flag was raised in the first place. Banning a flag, any flag is itself banned by the Constitution, the Law Of The Land. Materializing before our very eyes is tyranny: tyranny over the freedom of expression, tyranny over the freedom of association, tyranny over the freedom of speech, and tyranny over the freedom of conscience. The history of America is now being written by America’s enemies who have succeeded in banning a flag. How unfortunate.

Does the Confederate Battle Flag stand for Slavery because owning slaves was permitted in America? Why then is not the Stars and Stripes banned when it was the flag of the United States when slavery wasn’t banned? The simple answer is that a flag is not an activity. the Confederate Battle Flag is a banner. Banners are made for all kinds of reasons but the CBF was never made to stand for slavery. Never did and still doesn’t. At it most useful it’s a flag of rebellion.

People say wrongly that Lincoln “saved” the Union. Lincoln subjugated the Union. A union that is not voluntary is not a union. Does a man have a right to force a woman to marry him or to force a woman to stay married to him?

Lincoln both freed the slaves with his Emancipation Proclamation and enslaved free men with his Conscription, his mandatory draft of them which caused the Draft Riots on New York City.

The Confederate flag was based on the Saint Andrews Cross. It honors and commemorates the Spirit of Revolution which is precisely how America began.

When does the appeasement stop? When does it become apparent that banning the CBF will not make people love other people? When will it be realized that the problems the black community has with the whites and with America must finally be solved by the black people? No white person living today ever had a single slave. No black person born in America ever experienced slavery. Neither did their parents unless they emigrated from a slave country, of which there are plenty of around the world. …..developing

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