Most humans are not white. How did they get that way?

But the question gets things upside down. Since most people are not white, Why are some people white? Turns out it’s because of five genes.

Which begs the question. Europeans are white with light colored hair in various colors and light eyes. They have the five modified genes. Why do Europeans have five different modified genes than the rest of the people? It’s been said it’s because Europe is so far North that it receives far less sunlight than the rest of the planet so white skin, blue eyes and light colored hair was an evolutional change to compensate for the need to absorb more sunlight. That answer is quickly eliminated by looking at the other people in Asia and North America who have dark skin, dark eyes and black hair.

So the question is so far, unanswered.

A corollary question is why did Europeans progress faster and further than the rest of the world? That’s unknown as well but two things are important. Europe is where the white people are and their progress is undeniable even though the answer to why isn’t yet known.

It may not matter. There is a worldwide movement to increase the power of non-white people and if it continues to succeed the answers will be less relevant.

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