And the City paid his family $5 million back in April because their son Laquan was shot 16 times, 14 of those times as he lay on the ground last October 20.  Today Jason Van Dyke , a Chicago police officer was charged with murder. The video is in the hands of several News outlets. It shows Laquan walking away from a squadron of police. Next he was somehow jerked backward as he was shot twice . While lying on the ground a Chicago Policeman shot him multiple times. Laquan was clearly walking away. He wasn’t walking towards any police. Walking away is not a reason to be shot multiple times by one of the officers.

The family did not file a lawsuit. Chicago appears to have paid the money because of their even larger liability when the facts became known.

You can see the video and judge for yourself  if McDonald was a danger to any police officer or to anyone in the community as he was shot twice and fell over backward, moved a bit and was shot multiple times when he was completely prone on the ground. He died and the autopsy showed 16 bullets hit him.

Is there premeditation? Did the officer who shot him 14 times while he was on the ground think about what he was going to do before he shot Laquan? It’s impossible to determine the motives of the officer before and during the time it took to pull the trigger 14 times but it’s difficult to deny that the last 14 bullets that struck Laquan were unnecessary to subdue him. He was lying on the street. Maybe he had a gun in his hand and was therefore a danger to the police officers but only one officer shot Laquan while he was on the ground. Why didn’t any of the other officers shoot him repeatedly? Testimony from some of the officers shows they thought it was unnecessary to shoot him again after he was prone on the ground. He was down on the ground and subdued when he was shot about 14 more times. 


Why did it take over a year for the video showing the shooting to be released?

Of this is what it appears to be remember how many police were on the scene and only one man did this. Lets not indict all of the police. In fact, lets commend the rest of the officers who did not continue to shoot a man who was clearly subdued.  


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