It’s encouraging to hear Obama’s rhetoric about ISIS being the JV and that it’s contained but Obama fails to say what replaces ISIS. That’s important because so far no one is in charge in Iraq, Libya, or Egypt and some pretty bad actors are in charge in Syria. What happens when the present dictators are gone?

The game of chess has a two-step process to win. The idea of “Check” meaning if you don’t do something to stop it your King will soon be captures and you will lose. The Final step is: “Checkmate” meaning you are out of options therefore you lose. Getting rid of ISIS is like Check. You are about to win but not quite. In terms of getting rid of Saddam Hussein Iraq was put in Check but the Country wasn’t captured. ISIS decided to fill the vacuum, now ISIS needs to be put in Checkmate.

What comes after ISIS is defeated? Chaos. It happened when Hussein was defeated. Same thing will happen when ISIS is defeated. It’s still the same chaos and it’s will continue until and unless a new leader appears. That’s liable to be Putin.

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