Yeah, and pigs can fly by wiggling their noses. If Barack Obama wants some Syrians in his own home, fine for him but the dangers from importing more Syrians into America are legion starting with the danger of importing Terrorists like the Fort Hood Assassain or the Tzarnov Brothers.

ISIS announced they are going to detonate bombs in New York. Why should Obama help them do that? There is no shortage of nearby countries where Syrians could go so why should Obama have the taxpayers pay air fare to have possible Terrorists come to America? What’s wrong with the cognitive abilities of Obama that he can’t figure out this stuff? Why does he go out of his way to make life harder for Americans? 

Why not tell Syrians to help fight to get back into Syria? Why not give the Syrian refugees a rifle, a tent, some food, a map and a compass and tell them to go back and fight? Why should Obama give them airplane tickets so they can fly to America and try to take jobs from out of work Americans? A rifle, tent, food, map and compass are much cheaper than an airline ticket to New York.

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