Staying alive is a natural right. You can tell from observing animals who take the actions necessary to survive. Should Americans be allowed to survive or should we be able to thrive?

Staying alive is more fundamental. As Marco said in the Republican debate a strong military is needed to survive. Economics comes after that. Staying alive means getting rid of enemies. One rather easy way is to prohibit Americans who have been trained abroad in terrorism tactics from returning. Seems pretty fundamental and it makes sense but supposedly an American terrorist returning need only show his American Passport and he’s back. Why?

Why does a government document confer immunity from prosecution right at the border? Perhaps the jihadi didn’t really train when he visited Afghanistan’s training camps. That’s why INS has detention centers where issues can be decided before a passport becomes immunity from prosecution. Or, lets take a chance on our own suicide.

America is supposed to help enemies kill American’s. Tell me why again. Why does a passport trump jihadi training? Because everyone is innocent until proven guilty but jihadi’s are guilty.

We’re told all Muslims aren’t jihadi’s but take a lesson from WWII when German Army’s were assembled from what pool of Germans? Was it only the NAZI’s? Or was everyone a NAZI?

Roosevelt was criticized for moving as many Japanese as possible into interment camps, 66% of whom were American citizens. Was Roosevelt correct to ignore the American citizenship? What good is a passport when the government want’s to imprison someone because they went to a jihadi training camp? What constitutes a danger to American’s? Why did France import jihadi’s into Paris? Just what’s going on here?

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