Every entity has a nature, the basic set or inherent features and attributes of a thing, especially when seen as the essential characteristic(s) of it. Many people attribute the concept of Rights as things put there by God but no agnostic or atheist can accept that and neither can some people who believe in a God or Gods. So the idea of something inherent with the basic attributes is appealing to both believers and realists.

A transition must still be made to identify Rights because even though a person exists that’s insufficient to jump from inherent attributes to Rights.

Keep in mind that the idea of what a person can do is connected to other concepts like Justice  meaning what is the correct thing to do in certain circumstances. the idea of doing means Rights are concerned with actions. The correct actions gets Rights into the realm of morality, the set of principles that are used to decide what to do. How do Rights get from the nature of a person to the rules people follow? Thru the concept of Liberty.

Liberty is the freedom to act. Acting the correct way is decided by the rules, i.e., the moral code a person follows in the presence of other individuals. Some rules are simple and have been followed by different cultures from time out of mind like robbery, rape and murder. Those are prohibitions and because they are negative they apply on an individual by the group. But Rights are positive. They identify the things an individual can do. The problem is the impossibility of listing all of the positive actions. That’s probably why rules, commandments and laws are negative. They prohibit. Rights however cannot be prohibited. A culture cannot prohibit a Right to Exist. Nor can society prohibit a person from the actions that are necessary to continue to exist but Rights are even more fundamental. they are unreachable by society. Government can violate them but the violation is against the nature of the individual. Government can restrict Rights but it cannot create Rights because Rights are inherent in the nature of the individual.

The Founders of America were correct when they identified the freedom to take any and all actions required by the individual for the support of, the furtherance of and the fulfillment, the pleasure and the enjoyment of one’s own life. That’s the brilliance of the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, probably the most moral document ever produced. He identified that Rights are inherent in an individual. He called them unalienable, they cannot be separated from the existence of the individual. He only identified some of them and he named them as the Right to Life, to Liberty and to the pursuit of happiness.

Jefferson believed in a God but knew plenty of people who didn’t so he used the more general term of Creator. He claimed the Creator endowed Men which in the vernacular of the time included mankind which meant women but these concepts were in their infancy so he used words differently than they are used today. Unfortunately he thought that because he understood Rights that everyone did but that wasn’t true. It’s still not true. Many people know about Rights and the basis in the very existence of the individual but far too many simply go along with the idea that Rights were put into people by God and that’s caused no end of trouble and problems, the existence of which can be confirmed with reference to the Middle East today. On a metaphysical level the philosophical basis of Rights is incompatible with the cultures not only in the Middle East but also in the most secular culture ever created, the United States where the fight for Rights continues.
The Middle East denies Rights to Women who are held to be less than and inferior to men but so do far too many Americans who continue to try to move the clock back before 1973 meaning back before Roe v. Wade.
Roe v Wade was not decided to grant rights to women. That’s far too big of an issue even for the Supreme Court partly because it’s packed with ideologues who are in many ways dangerous to Liberty. Roe is a deeply thought thru decision that was helpful in advancing the idea of individual rights to individual women. Unfortunately some people, people who believe in a wrong Metaphysics have not grasped sufficiently the ideas that Thomas Jefferson identified in 1776.

There are cultures that have not yet grasped the Lockean and Jeffersonian ideas in the Declaration. their metaphysics goes back thousands of years. Their views may not change while they are alive but truth will eventually be discovered and implemented. meanwhile we must battle against the colossal ignorance that keeps it hidden. .



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